Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Who is being intolerant now

On Sunday Boston held it's annual St. Patrick's Day parade. This year the one group who probably most closely represents St. Patrick's ideals decided not to participate. It seems they were subject to a smear campaign by other groups participating in the parade.

I am referring to the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization that promotes "charity, unity and fraternity". This has led to some infighting between the Knights and the Massachusetts Catholic Action League. I could get into the fight but that is not the point of this post. (You can read the Knights statement here) What is the point is that a parade honoring a Catholic saint has alienated all Catholic groups. For years now we have heard the same thing, "If this group is included then we won't march." And yes, I am referring to the various Catholic groups.

The KofC wanted to march in the parade to help spread a message of pro-life and traditional marriage, two issues important to what I'll call "real" Catholics (I'll get into that in a minute) yet another Catholic group who decided they are more Catholic thinks that they are wrong and allegedly started a smear campaign. I guess they have decided to lower themselves to the level of some of the same groups they are against and who use the same tactics.

The left is always preaching tolerance and inclusiveness while at the same time attacking any one who is against their particular agenda, isn't  the Catholic Action League doing the same thing? Unfortunately for most people they have absolutely no idea who St. Patrick was and what he did. This is only an excuse to drink and party to excess, It is also an excuse for many non-Catholics and "nominal" Catholics to profess their love for a saint who they probably have no idea about.
“Boston Mayor and nominal Catholic Marty Walsh should be proud of himself. With this afternoon's spectacle, he has retired his campaign debt to the homosexual community, and he created a new, de-Christianized Saint Patrick's Day Parade, which is welcoming and inclusive to everyone, except of course, the followers and spiritual children of Saint Patrick.” - Catholic Action League
As promised here is what I mean by "real" and "nominal" Catholics. A nominal Catholic is one who claims they are Catholic in their beliefs, yet fails to follow the teachings of the Catholic< font-family: inherit;"> Church.  They pick the teaching they want to follow while ignoring those they don't, Right here in Massachusetts we have many "nominal" Catholics we can choose from. Our new Governor who during his campaign claimed to be a good Catholic yet in one ad told how he was pro-choice. John Kerry, Pick a Kennedy, Marty Walsh, all nominal Catholics, who change their views in order to get elected.

Okay. I'm wandering, it's an age thing. The point is the Catholic Action League, if they did carry out the alleged smear campaign, is lowering itself to the same level as the groups they are against use. We will never get anywhere that way.

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